(RAFTAR 786)

(Read and Feel Think and Receive)

We are living in an era in which world has literally become a global village. The evolution of mankind from Stone Age to Agricultural age then to industrial age has now transformed from an information age into virtually an explosion of knowledge/wisdom. Every knowledge and secret is now at a distance of just few clicks. Despite this great advancement we a still find ourselves in the state of loss, misery and depression. The well being of people instead of improving is depleting day by day. Then what for this transformation of mankind is? Are we all leading towards success or failure or a big disaster? The answer to this question lies within us and it’s just a matter of choice leads. Thus how this choice leads us to a true success depends on ‘RAFTAR’ (speed) with which we move in our daily life.

The literal meaning of RAFTAR is speed. However it is also time. It’s passing of moments in the life of each individual. Even the composition of human beings in scientific term is nothing but just energy particles moving with certain RAFTAR / speed. Not only human being but every single matter once divided into minutest possible, is just a vibration of energy particles. Hence it is the particular RAFTAR / speed of those energy particles which compose it into a particular shape or type. That brings us to a conclusion that manifestation or composition of anything depends on the speed or movement of those energy particles. Quran also bears witness to it when Allah swears upon Zamana i.e (Time / RAFTAR) in Surat Al-Asar.

Thus the setting of a particular RAFTAR for the manifestation of anything is of paramount importance that can further be clarified from following examples.

Frequency; you cannot be successful to listen to a particular radio station of your choice until you tune the RAFTAR / frequency of your set at the desired station.

The RAFTAR of your heart beat if crosses the balanced level results into heart failure.

Even your brain waves which move in varying speed are categorized into delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma waves. In order to be in a state of deep awareness they had to be in a RAFTAR of 8 to 12 CPS range.

Sun, moon, stars and galaxies they all are moving with a perfect RAFTAR. Even a slightest variation can cause destruction of the entire universe.

Thus Allah has set a specific RAFTAR of every thing and that is known as the RAFTAR of nature which is very precise, balanced and Natural. Sun comes out with its own pace, plants and grass grow with its own speed. Nothing in nature is either slow or in a hurry. Every thing is in a perfect state of equilibrium. However it is only we the human beings who have lost the balance and set a different RAFTAR for ourselves and instead of accomplishing more we are loosing more. The moment we tune ourselves to the RAFTAR of nature, our RAFTAR will be Allah’s RAFTAR and that will bring equanimity leading to success.

Like the speedometer alarm which sounds once we reach the dangerous speed level of 120 or 140 kmph our human speedometer alarm has been disconnected by the fast pace western system and we are totally ignorant of ensuing danger. It is now high time to repair our alarm system which we need to set in again in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual domains. These alarms in the human beings are in the forms of feelings. Once we cross certain limits our feelings indicates our RAFTAR i.e. whether it’s good or bad.

The acronyn ‘RAFTAR’ is elaborated further to conceptualise this principle.

Read and Feel. The first word of Quran ( ) virtually explains the importance of reading. Now with the knowledge explosion it becomes all the more important what to read? The answer to this question lies in feelings. Anything which gives us good and pure feelings, we tend to read it and things which stresses us, we need to leave it. Moreover it is all the more important that we are reading our feelings. They are good indicators to let us know whether we are tuned in with the nature or are out of balance. It is said that readers are leaders and to be a successful person we have to read profoundly and resultantly our feelings will indicate us the appropriate direction to move on.

“Even when walking in the company of two other men I am bound to be able to learn from them. The good points of the one I copy; the bad points of the other I correct in myself” “Confucius

Think & Receive. The ancestor of every action is thought (Ralph Waldo Emerson). Man is what he thinks. Our thoughts are the main cause of our success or failure. We have the choice to have wholesome, positive or negative thoughts. These thoughts set the RAFTAR of energy at the minutest level resulting into the manifestation of results. Thoughts have the power to change the RAFTAR / frequency of our being. Numerous experiments in medical science have also proved that positive healing thoughts are of paramount importance for curing any ailment. Similarly if we want to achieve success and receive desired results we need to have corresponding thoughts. Norman Vincent Peale has very rightly quoted in his book the power of positive thinking that; “every achievement in this world was first projected as an idea/thought. First the idea or thought; then faith in it, then the means of implicating the idea that is the way success proceeds”:-

Now RAFTAR 786 is the Allah’s RAFTAR set for human beings and Allah has elaborated it in Quran in a very short and crisp surat (chapter). If we ponder upon Surat Al-Asar deeply we can set our pace to a blissful and successful living that’s why we found that companions of Holy prophet never used to leave till the time they do not recite this Surat to each other.

“In the name of Allah, the beneficent; the merciful. By Al Asar (The time). Verily man is in loss. Except those who believe and work righteous deeds, and enjoin upon each other the truth and enjoin upon each other stead fastness.


In this fast moving world we need a constant reminder to check our speed/routine. We are in a useless rut of rat race which is leading us astray from a successful living. Conceptualizing RAFTAR and aligning ourselves with the rhythms of nature will result into equanimity, prosperity and success in our daily lives. Thus reading and feeling moments of life with positive thoughts manifesting desired results is a good recipe for success secret.

By Ayesha Adil

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